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We believe that all our pupils are entitled to the highest possible standards of Teaching and Learning throughout the year across all areas of the school. In accordance with our curriculum vision and whole school motto, “Achievement for All”, we strive to deliver a consistently excellent, innovative and inclusive quality of education so that every pupil is challenged to: 

  • Secure excellent academic outcomes to maximise their future life chances 
  • Engage in broad, deep and powerful knowledge-rich learning in lessons 
  • Participate in a wide range of extra and super-curricular opportunities  
  • Develop effectively the skills, qualities and habits required for success in Future Education, Employment & Training* 
  • Understand their cultural, social, moral and personal development 


Our expectation is that all teachers aspire to and drive towards consistently excellent practice to ensure that the ambitious aims of the GHS curriculum vision are implemented effectively across the school and to achieve outstanding outcomes for all pupils. We have a mantra of High Expectations, Engagement, Challenge and Progress, which we consider to be four key features of outstanding lessons.  


Our expectation is that all learners:

  • Have high expectations for what they can achieve at school and in the future 
  • Approach their studies with a positive, conscientious, resilient attitude 
  • Continuously challenge themselves in their learning 
  • Embrace new learning opportunities inside and outside the classroom 
  • Remain motivated to achieve short, medium and long-term goals 
  • Maintain consistent levels of concentration and participate actively in lessons 
  • Ask questions about and discuss their learning with adults and peers 
  • Continuously reflect on their learning, responding to feedback in a way that ensures continual improvement 
  • Develop high standards of written and verbal communication 
  • Keep their work well-organised with high standards of presentation 
  • Read widely to support learning across the curriculum and for pleasure 
  • Organise their time effectively to enable successful learning to take place alongside activities which support their physical and emotional well-being 
  • Support peers in their learning and celebrate the achievements of others