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Curriculum Aims:

  • We want all pupils to draw on a well-connected knowledge, understanding of social context, independence, resourcefulness, and creative thinking that can be used to reason and solve problems in real life. 

  • We aim to prepare pupils for the future by ensuring they attain knowledge and technical ability in both art history and practical responses, which will help to achieve outstanding academic outcomes and develop pupil motivation in Art & Photography.  

  • We aim to ensure pupils develop positive attitudes towards Art and Photography, by giving them frequent opportunities to experience success, helping them to develop self-confidence in their ability. 

We value: 

  • Creativity thinking
  • Independent thinking
  • Resilience
  • Risk taking

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Teaching Colleagues

Miss S Watson:

Subject Leader Art & Photography

Mrs D Poole:

2nd i/c Art & Photography

D of E Group Leaders

Mrs E Yates:

Teacher of Art & Photography

Mr S Dempster:

Teacher of Art & Photography

Head of Year 9

Ms C Oliver

Teacher of Art & Photography

Deputy Head of Year 8

D of E Group Leaders

Mr J Bampa


Year 7: 2 lessons per fortnight
Year 8: 3 lessons per fortnight 


GCSE+ Curriculum
GCSE Fine Art
GCSE Photography
Exam Board: AQA

Component 1 (Coursework project and addition pieces) 60%
Component 2 (Exam project) 40%

Year 9: 4 lessons per fortnight
Year 10: 5 lessons per fortnight
Year 11: 5 lessons per fortnight