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This information relates to children transferring from Primary School to High School only and is not applicable for InYear Applications. 

  • We are proud to be a mixed, comprehensive school and proud of the social and academic benefits it offers; we have 247 places available to pupils of all abilities: 
  • Up to 223 places are allocated using Fair Banding to ensure a balance intake. 
  • 24 places based on aptitude in the Performing Arts (Music, Drama and Dance) tested at a workshop. 
  • A small number of places for pupils with EHCPs whose needs can be met. 

What is banding?  

  • Banding means pupils are placed in one of nine ability bands according to their banding test results. 
  • A certain number of places are allocated to each band: more in the middle bands, fewer in the upper and lower bands. 
  • Where a band is over-subscribed, applications are prioritised according to specific criteria: 
    1. Looked after and previously looked after children. 
    2. Exceptional medical or social reasons. 
    3. Children of permanent staff employed by Glenthorne High School. 
    4. Siblings. 
    5. Distance from Glenthorne High School. 
    6. Distance from the Worcester Park junction. 

Banding tests  

  • It’s really important to take the banding tests, as you significantly reduce your chances of getting a place at the school if you don’t, so we expect all pupils to sit the tests, including those with EHCPs and those applying for a selective Performing Arts place. 
  • There are two 45-minute test papers: one English and one Maths, based on literacy and numeracy topics covered during Key Stage 2.  No preparation for the tests is required or desired. 

How do I register for the banding tests?  

  • Register using the banding registration icon on the Home page of the school’s website from 1st July to 31st October each year. 

Performing Arts Workshops  

  • There are workshops in Music, Drama and Dance; you can attend the workshop in one, two or all three of these disciplines; you will be given tasks to do in a group of others to test your aptitude and potential. 
  • Pupils who would like to be considered for a selective Performing Arts place need to register by clicking on the same icon on the school website. 

Pupils with EHCPs  

  • Parents of pupils with EHCPs do not need to apply to the school in the same way; they liaise with their Local Authority in Year 5 and Year 6 to decide which school to name on their EHCP; if the Local Authority and Glenthorne agree that the school can meet their needs, then Glenthorne will be named on the EHCP and the pupil will be admitted. 

How do I make a case for my child if I think they have exceptional medical or social reasons to attend Glenthorne High School?  

  • Children with exceptional medical reasons or exceptional social reasons for attendance at Glenthorne High School, rather than at any other school, where the applicant can show, through written, professional evidence, that Glenthorne High School is the most suitable school to meet the child’s stated needs, why no other local school could meet those needs, and can outline what the difficulties would be if the child had to attend another school, will be ranked within this priority in the band in which they fall.

    The children in this priority group will be ranked in their bands in order of the proximity of their home address to Glenthorne High School, with the closest having the highest priority.

    Applications must be in writing and supported by written professional evidence for example, from a Social Worker, Health Visitor, Housing Officer, the Police, Probation Officer, Doctor or Hospital Consultant and must be current ie no older than 12 months.

    Providing the above evidence does not guarantee a place and each application will be assessed by the Local Governing Body against a set of criteria.

Further questions?  

  • If you have further questions or require further details, then please refer to the Admissions Policy on the school website.  If you are unsure about how the policy would apply to you or if you have any questions not covered in the information above, please contact the school’s Admissions Manager, Mrs Bedford, on or 020 8644 6307 ext. 201.