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We expect all pupils to wear our school uniform and take pride in their appearance.  

All items, with the exception of the school House badge, are available from Cladish who provide a comfortable, high-quality, easily maintained, environmentally-friendly uniform. The jacket, for example, can be washed in the washing machine and is not dry-clean only. Cladish has a shop in Wallington, but also a web-based shop. Your son/daughter will receive a House badge from their Head of House and badges must be worn on the left lapel.

Please note the information about uniforms can be obtained by contacting Cladish in Wallington:
29-31 Woodcote Rd,
Wallington SM6 0LH,
tel.: 020 8647 1013

Uniform Details


Plain navy, black or dark grey (one colour, no pattern, logo or writing).  No denim, leather, imitation leather, fur coats, fleeces, hooded sweatshirts, body warmers or coats with woollen sleeves.

For security reasons, we do not allow pupils to wear hats, hoods or caps.

Uniform to be purchased from Cladish

Navy blue jacket with badge (compulsory)

Light blue long-sleeved shirt OR light blue long sleeved blouse

Light blue short-sleeved shirt OR blouse (for Summer only)

Charcoal grey trousers OR or navy blue pleated skirt with adjustable waist to be worn with the ‘tree on the knee’ or navy blue tailored trousers

Navy blue pullover with logo (optional item)

Black socks if trousers are worn or Black opaque tights if a skirt is worn

With shirt, clip on tie with logo (KS3: Blue and green striped / KS4: Blue, green and white striped)


Flat, black, leather; no sandals or slingbacks; no boots including Kickers Kick Hi; no suede or cloth shoes; No Converse, Vans or trainers of any kind are permitted.


A wrist watch may be worn and, if ears are pierced, there is to be only one small, round silver or gold stud in each ear.  No pupil is allowed to wear make-up, nail varnish or false nails.

Any jewellery not conforming to the School Rules will be confiscated and returned at the end of the half term.



Hair styles (length and colour) must be appropriate for school.  No hair art or shaven or partially shaven heads.  Only one natural colour.  Male pupils must be clean shaven.


All bags should be waterproof and big enough to hold an A4-sized folder.  They must be plain black, dark blue or dark grey only, with no logos.

Mobile Phones

Will be confiscated and kept until the end of the half term, if seen, heard or known to have been used in school

Ties Year 7 - 8 Students will need KS3 TiesYear 9 - 11 Students will need KS4 Ties.
PE Kits

P.E. Uniform

Navy blue skin top (compulsory)

Navy blue polo shirt with buttons (compulsory) OR Navy blue polo shirt without buttons. (House colour on the shirt). GCSE polo top (Optional for GCSE students only)

Navy blue shorts (compulsory) OR Navy blue netball skort with House colour

Light blue/navy sports socks for outside sports and white sports socks for indoor sports (compulsory) with House colour

Navy blue jogging bottoms (compulsory for Dance only, can be worn in cold weather for PE)

Navy blue tracksuit (optional item)

For all activities on the field, we STRONGLY recommend that all pupils wear studded boots.  Trainers can be worn for indoor activities (no high tops or plimsolls).  We also recommend that pupils wear shin pads for football and mouth guards for rugby. 

“Sick or fit, bring our kit.”

All pupils, even if they are injured or unable to do P.E., should bring a P.E. kit along with a note from home, as they will still be required to take part in the lesson acting as coaches, choreographers or officials if possible.

Any practical and reasonable request to vary the School Uniform to accommodate compulsory requirements of a pupil’s religion or culture will be considered by the Governors as long as it does not compromise health and safety, security or teaching and learning.  Any request should be made in writing to the Headteacher in the first instance.


Required Daily Equipment

  1. A sturdy, waterproof plain black, dark blue or dark grey schoolbag – which can accommodate A4 size folders and school books.
  2. At least two black ballpoint pens, or a black ink pen with plenty of spare cartridges, two HB pencils, an eraser and some coloured pencils with a clear pencil case as this is a requirement during examination periods.  A pencil sharpener and 30cm clear plastic ruler are necessary.
  3. A reading book - a special book of the pupil’s choice that they are currently reading and which they must have with them at all times.
  4. A pocket English Dictionary and Thesaurus.
  5. A Scientific calculator, a compass and an angle measurer are required from Year 7.
  6. Pupils are expected to bring their Library Card in to school everyday.  This will be issued to them at the beginning of term.  A £10.00 deposit will be required to secure a Library Card.
  7. Re-usable water bottle, not made of single use plastic.


  1. An Atlas, e.g. Philips Foundation Atlas is very suitable and not too expensive.
  2. An Encyclopaedia is very useful for many homework assignments.
  3. An exercise book for rough notes or drafting work in rough.
  4. A pocket French or Spanish Dictionary.
  5. A cover-up / apron for art.
  6. Trainers/grippy socks for drama.


Suitable Bag


Clear Pencil Case

2x Black Ballpoint Pens and/or 1 Black Ink Pen



2x Pencils


Reading Book

Colouring Pencils

Scientific Calculator

Library Card



Pocket English Dictionary

Angle Measurer / Protractor