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Curriculum Aims:

  • To deliver a curriculum that fulfils the requirements of the specification through thoughtfully sequenced high-quality lessons while aiming to enhance the analytical and application requirements through contemporary examples and additional readings and studies.

  • To ensure that learners develop knowledge, analytical and evaluative skills at KS5 that will support them in their other academic subjects at KS5 as well as for Sociology at higher education.

  • To develop pupils who are passionate about Sociology and use the tools from the course to engage with wider societal issues and personal outlooks on life.

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Teaching Colleagues

Mr N Go:

Subject Leader Media Studies, Film Studies and Sociology

Miss A Miller:

Teacher of Sociology, Head of Year 10


A-Level Sociology Curriculum

Exam Board: AQA

Year 12: 9 lessons per fortnight, 1 assessment period

Year 13: 9 lessons per fortnight, 1 assessment period