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The Governing Body provides strategic leadership and holds the school to account for overall performance.  They are responsible for making sure the school provides good quality education and that finances and resources are managed effectively. The Governing Body is:

  • Accountable for the performance of the school.
  • Plans the school’s future direction.
  • Carefully monitor the school budget.
  • Makes decisions on staffing and staffing levels.
  • Ensures the curriculum is broad, balanced and relevant.
  • Monitors how the school provides for all its pupils, including those with special educational needs.

The Local Governing Body reports to the Board of Trustees and is made up of Community, Parent and Staff Governors as well as the Headteacher.

The Local Governing Body usually meets four times a year. Particular areas of focus are delegated to a local Committee as follows:

  • Curriculum, Teaching & Learning and Student Welfare
  • Admissions

This committee is formally constituted by terms of reference and comprises appropriately qualified and experienced members.  Reports of activities and discussions undertaken by the Committee are given at Local Governing Body meetings.   

To contact the Chair of Glenthorne Governing Body, please write to Ms L Dalton, c/o Clerk to the governors, Glenthorne High School, Sutton Common Road, Sutton, SM3 9PS or email

Local Governing Body 2022/23

Name Post Term Committees Panel Statutory Responsibility Declaration of Interest Attendance 2022-23
Mrs Laura Dalton Community (appointed) 11/07/22 - 10/07/26   Pupil Discipline Safeguarding, SEND, PP and Inclusion, Wellbeing Family members are employees of GHS 4/4
Dr Becky Shaw Parent (elected) 09/10/20 - 08/10/24 Curriculum & Standards Pupil Discipline Careers None 3/4
Mr Lucas Maxwell Staff 12/12/22 - 11/12/26 Curriculum & Standards     None 3/3
Mr Quang D Nguyen Parent (elected) 11/07/22 - 10/07/26   Pupil Discipline Science None 3/4
Mrs Helen Young Community (appointed) 27/03/23 - 26/03/27     Foundation Subjects None 1/1
Mr Chris Ellis Community (appointed) 09-06-21 - 08/06/25   Pupil Discipline Foundation Subjects, Health and Safety Arts Network Sutton - Arts Charity - Treasurer 3/4
Dr Po Heng Lee Parent (elected) 09/12/21 - 08/12/25   Pupil Discipline Maths None 3/4
Mr Trevor Knight Community (appointed) 09-06-21 - 08-06-25 Curriculum & Standards Pupil Discipline KS5, English None 4/4
Miss Alice Miller Staff 12/12/22 - 11/12/26       None 3/3
Mr Kevin Mohr Community (appointed) 09-06-21 - 08/06/25   Pupil Discipline Inclusion Church Warden - St Alben's Church, Cheam - Senior Lay Person 1/4
Mrs Celia Beylefeld Community (appointed) 11/11/22 - 31/10/26       Deputy Head - L'Ecole Battersea 2/3
Mr Tom Berry Parent (elected) 13/11/23 - 12/11/27       None N/A

Left in last 12 months

Mr Martin Campbell-Smith

Parent (elected) 08/11/19 - 07/11/23 Curriculum & Standards Pupil Discipline   None 4/4