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Curriculum Aims:

  • To understand 11 key topics in detail but also holistically in order to write evaluative essays 

  • To demonstrate key skills – maths knowledge and application 

  • To have a detailed understanding of research methods – key scientific principles 

  • For students to develop an appreciation of psychology as a subject in the real world and as a science. Students need to be able to apply what they have learnt to criticise and interpret new information. 

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Teaching Colleagues

Mrs L Chau:

Subject Leader Psychology, Teacher of Geography

Mrs M Alletson:

Deputy Headteacher – Behaviour and Attitudes

Mrs S Trueman:

Teacher of Psychology, Head of Year 12, Teacher of English


A-Level Psychology Curriculum

Exam Board: AQA

Year 12: 9 lessons per fortnight, 1 assessment period

Year 13: 9 lessons per fortnight, 1 assessment period