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Curriculum Aims:

  • Throughout the curriculum students engage with the key teachings and practices of the main world religions via a high-quality, well-sequenced, challenging and engaging curriculum that raises attainment and ensures achievement for all. 
  • The curriculum is broad, balanced and inclusive and its implementation ensures that students of ALL backgrounds and abilities can access, engage with and master key transferable skills, in particular explanation, evaluation and empathy.

  • The curriculum is designed to develop and enrich students’ powerful knowledge and nurture schema so that all students understand the importance of Religious Studies in the local and wider community.  Students create links between different religious teachings and moral issues in the world and create their own opinions which enables them to be life-long learners.

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Teaching Colleagues

Mrs N Seymour:

Subject Leader History, Politics and Religious Studies

Miss A Powell:

2nd i/c Religious Studies, Assistant Head of Year 10

Ms B Siddiqui

Teacher of Religious Studies


Year 7: 2 lessons per fortnight

Year 8: 2 lessons per fortnight


GCSE+ Curriculum

Exam Board: OCR

All pupils complete the following modules:

PART 1: Beliefs and Teachings and Practices



PART 2: Religion, philosophy and ethics in the modern world from a Christian perspective

Year 9: 4 lessons per fortnight

Year 10: 5 lessons per fortnight

Year 11: 5 lessons per fortnight


A-Level Religious Studies Curriculum

Exam Board: AQA

Year 12: 9 lessons per fortnight, 1 assessment period

Year 13: 9 lessons per fortnight, 1 assessment period