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Glenthorne breakfast café is now open to all pupils ....... Whole School Production of 'Starlight Express' is on the 9th, 10th & 11th February, tickets are available from the Finance Office ......
Year 11s began the countdown to their GCSE exams with their Mock Exam Result presentation last week. There are now 64 school days until the first written exams; 64 days to learn, prepare and revise.
The excitement, anticipation and, in some cases trepidation were evident as Year 11s gathered in the Hall. Mr Hume and Mr Berry both gave brief presentations before the countdown began. Then, the whole of Year 11 opened their envelopes containing their mock results simultaneously. There were shrieks of delight, sighs of relief and satisfaction and groans of disappointment as the results sank in. 53 students gained £20 each for achieving eight or more of their targets and 94 for four or more of their targets.
Correspondence to Parents
Please could parents be aware that we are now sending all our communications to parents via e-mail. If we don’t have a current email address for you, could you please text the school on 447860034880, giving your child’s name, year group and email address. Thank you.
2015 Revision Timetables
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