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Curriculum Aims:

  • Sequencing of our curriculum ensures pupils effectively build on prior knowledge and create schema which allows pupils to draw knowledge in varying contexts.

  • The spiral curriculum ensures mastery of key concepts, and its implementation is innovative, inclusive, engaging, and challenging. Pupils are extended to ensure a breadth and depth to their knowledge base in preparation for lives beyond Glenthorne.

  • Cross curricular links are considered and create an innovative educational environment where students learn to be independent scientists and scientifically literate citizens who apply that understanding in innovative ways to solve problems and improve the human condition. We believe that a Scientific literate society will be better able to make informed decisions about health, economic, environmental, and public policy issues.  

We value:  

  • Excellence in teaching activities;
  • Independence of thought;
  • Creativity in disseminating new knowledge in the sciences;
  • A supportive, safe and healthy working environment for students and staff;
  • A work and learning environment in which each person is encouraged to reach his or her full potential.

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Teaching Colleagues

Miss J Bains:

Assistant Headteacher for STEM & IAG, Director of Science

Miss G Funnell:

Head of Chemistry

Miss A Khamkar:

Teacher of Chemistry

Miss E Hadar:

STEM Coordinator, Teacher of Chemistry

Miss M Connor:

Teacher of Chemistry

Mr A Laham:

Teacher of Chemistry

Mrs SJ Lumley

Senior Technician

Mrs R Sharma

Chemistry Technician

KS4 Science

Exam Board: AQA

All pupils complete 2 GCSE examination

Year 10: 4 lessons per fortnight

Year 11: 4 lessons per fortnight

KS5 Science

Exam Board: OCR

All pupils complete 3 A-Level examinations

Year 12: 9 lessons per fortnight, 1 assessment period

Year 13: 9 lessons per fortnight, 1 assessment period