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End of year exams this year will take place from Monday 3rd June until Friday 21st June. The end of year exams, give pupils the opportunity to be assessed on all the content they have learnt within the current academic year.  This will give pupils a better understanding of areas to focus on, as they continue their learning journey through the school.


All exams will take place within pupils normal timetabled lessons. To support pupils with their end of year exams, departments have contributed to creating Exam Preparation Booklets, so pupils are aware on exactly what they will be tested on.  This, together with the final timetables, are published below:

Year 7 End Of Year Exam Timetable

Year 7 Exam Preparation Booklet

Year 8 End Of Year Exam Timetable

Year 8 Exam Preparation Booklet

Year 9 End Of Year Exam Timetable

Year 9 Exam Preparation Booklet

Teachers will provide revision lessons in the lead up to these exams and homework set prior to the exams until they are completed within that subject area, will be revision based. During tutor time, the pastoral team will be providing pupils with guidance and information on how to prepare for these exams, which will include sessions on creating a revision timetable, revision strategies and dealing with exam stress by looking after their wellbeing.


We wish all pupils the best of luck with their preparation and completion of these assessments.




Year 7 Assessment and Exam Preparation Evening

Thank you to all parents that attended our information evening for Year 7 on Tuesday 7th May.  For those parents and carers that could not attend, a copy of the presentation can be found below.  Preparation booklets and exam timetables can be found above.

Year 7 Assessment Evening