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Curriculum Aims:

  • Throughout the curriculum students engage with a diverse range of texts from different eras and cultures which function as a springboard for learning more about society, history and identity, enhancing their empathy and understanding of both morality and the world around them.

  • The seven-year curriculum and its implementation is engaging, enriching and challenging with a focus on knowledge-rich learning in order to enable academic success but also to equip all pupils with an extensive knowledge and love of Literature.

  • Spiral curriculum designed to enable ALL pupils to achieve their potential and to become analytical, empathetic, critical thinkers who express ideas with confidence and articulation to prepare them for their lives beyond GHS. 

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Teaching Colleagues

Mrs Y Kannides:

Director of English, Lead Practitioner (Literacy),

Professional Co-ordinating Mentor (Teacher Training)

Miss S Kett:

Subject Leader English

Mrs R Corke:

2nd i/c English

Mrs C Franklin:

Literacy Interventions Coordinator

Miss A Dann:

English Department Literacy Activities Coordinator

Mr J Ottaway:

Teacher of English, Head of Morris House

Mrs J Di Mambro:

Teacher of English, Head of Year 7

Miss S Dale:

Teacher of English

Miss A Zafar:

Teacher of English

Miss S Sath:

Teacher of English

Miss G Rosetti:

Teacher of English & Literacy

Mr J Spooner:

Teacher of English

Ms T Manning:

Teacher of English

Mrs M Dyszynska-Bonnage:

Teacher of English & Literacy

Mrs K Harrison:

Teaching Assistant, Literacy Interventions


Year 7: 7 lessons per fortnight
Year 8: 7 lessons per fortnight 


GCSE+ Curriculum 
Exam Board: AQA

All pupils complete 2 GCSE examinations: 
GCSE English Language
GCSE English Literature

Year 9: 8 lessons per fortnight
Year 10: 8 lessons per fortnight
Year 11: 8 lessons per fortnight 


A-Level English Literature Curriculum
Exam Board: AQA A

Year 12: 9 lessons per fortnight, 1 assessment period
Year 13: 9 lessons per fortnight, 1 assessment period